Marijuana in Asia

The relationship between humans and cannabis existed for thousands of years. Remains have been found in China and Turkestan dating from 3000 and 4000 BC,

In Nepal and Tibet this plant was used since time immemorial by yogis as an aid in meditation

Marijuana in India

But in India it is spoken since ancient times of marijuana, even Raja Vallabha - Atharva Veda of ancient Vedas are "The Gods took pity on men and gave them the ganja to reach inspiration, lost the fear and preserved sexual desire ". It is also mensiona as intoxicating sacred, created by the amrita or soma potion (another unknown plant) when the gods and demons churned the ocean of milk to extract all kinds of goods.

Cannabis preparations had a prominent role in the rites of worship of the tribal god of the pre-Vedic India Jagannath Mandir in Jagannath Puri, Orissa. The ritual use of cannabis among Hindus has been picked up by Swami Bharati Agehanandra

Cannabis is one of the five Indian god Shiva devoted to plants, used to relieve the misery and protect from enemies.

Marijuana in Greece (West)

E cannabis was mentioned by Herodotus in the V century. C., when it is said that the mysterious Scythians threw it over hot stones in a kind of saunas and intoxicated by inhaling vapores.15 16 Doctors of ancient Dioscorides and Galen mentioned the use of hemp in medicine, and there are indications It uses as intoxicating in the classical world.

The Greek historian Herodotus described to 500 BC the custom of the Scythians, a savage tribe of horsemen, who raised bonfires piled CANNABIS plants, which were then covered with sheepskin fastened with 3 palos.Las skins were raised and the smoke inhaled .Hallazgos archaeological have confirmed this.

Marijuana in Egypt

Cannabis use in ancient Egypt

In Pharaonic Egypt Emperor Aurelio imposed a tax on Egyptian cannabis. A signature that was not much hemp in Egypt since other types of fibers (both textiles and paper) were used. But my investigations have led to conclusion that cannabis were as well known as opium but what is certain it was not as represented as other psychoactive perhaps its relationship with the hidden mysteries of both Isis and Osiris substances.

Escohotado writes that from that time the Egyptians used cannabis to fi ber, seeds and as intoxicating. The cannabis was not only taken by mouth but was also "smoked". Coptic of Thebes used in their rituals of "smoke intake" to fi n to communicate with the gods. This ceremonial incense burning kyphy called on the temples of Isis at night explains Plutarch in his Isis and Osiris; Well, this incense containing cannabis (Escohotado, 1999). The initiated in these mysteries had divine visions product ingestion of psychoactive substances that facilitated ecstatic trance and there appeared images Fantasti-cas mainly crypts graves. As I mentioned, knowledge of cannabis by the ancient Egyptians is prior to the first century BC In the sixteenth century before Christ appears and CA-Namo described in the Ebers Papyrus (Crafty / Cortés, 2000: 44). Also on the papyrus Ramses (1700 BC), in the Berlin Papyrus (1300 BC) and the papyrus Beatty Ches-ter VI (1300 BC) smsmt word literally translates as "medical cannabis plant"