If there is an intelligence beyond human can manipulate, manage and control this world, should we think that these beings are somehow above us not only intelligence, but perhaps also in technology and survivability, if indeed They have some reptiles, meaning they can go into the water for long periods, or perhaps as some chameleons can "change their physical appearance" something that would be very advantageous and a strategy to go unnoticed before us. 

Reptilian in Egypt - Reptilians in Egypt - Prohibited history

Egypt for me is evidence that the reptilians have been involved in the history of mankind, but doing an analysis our existence on earth is relatively short compared to the millions of years that have species such as crocodiles, lizards, snakes , etc. ... I happen to think that at the time of the dinosaurs roamed the earth, they perhaps lived in that environment or were perhaps typical of that time. After the cataclysm that wiped out much of the dinosaurs it seems that the earth was repopulated by smaller and smaller reptiles them .... cazualidad or whim?

Then they acentaron in the warmest area (Egypt) since according to the logic if they have some DNA reptile this would be perfect area for monopolization, they managed to survive or perhaps succeeded in developing a technology capable of destroying the earth or able to participate in the disappearance of these huge animals like dinosaurs were "manipulating the environment."
It is unreasonable to think that but for example the Egyptian pyramids seem difficult buildings to recreate today even with all the technology that exists.

And if we think that they or some higher intelligence performed (if they can levitate a sphere can levitate a stone) with the smallest details of processing, combining different aspects of science as mathematics, physics, geometry, chemistry, in addition to aspects such as sound engineering, geo magnetic energy, and many other aspects. Perhaps these magnificent works are a global device that has many uses applied to many areas of life and knowledge. (Portal dimensional, energy, spiritual, connection to other worlds, using solar energy, airtight, etc.)

The reptilians also show us dollar notes that the pyramids appear to be a stamp and a characteristic of his race, and of course if we think Egypt (2100-3000 years) worshiped these animals, and considered part of their mythology and traditions. It is not unreasonable to think that some relationship have ...

Thus analyzing the reptilian history on earth have to think or imagine that at some time in history, is acentaron in the warmest area (Egypt) as logical as if they have some DNA reptile this area would be perfect and work in colonizing the world as the dinosaurs they would be the top of the food chain of the world's species, somehow represented the reptile eye on the top of the pyramid disappear

The Reptilians today.

Today may not be present in the form of reptiles as they once did, today perhaps camouflaged to blend in with us and make important political decisions ...

It would be a perfect example of intelligence, cunning and intelligent management of other species.